Travelog: Watching Pacu Jawi

One of the newest and excited experience during a stay at Harau Valley is when Yoga, one of the guide at the homestay inform the guests that there is Pacu Jawi on the soccer field at the border of the city. I watch it so many times from the television travel program but never seen it directly so I just jump out to who ever wants to go there to watch 😀

Pacu Jawi at Payakumbuh, West Sumatera

We go to the field by riding a bike with another guests and the surrounding is really full of people. The concept with Pacu Jawi is riding at the back at the cow using some rattan holder, the cow should be running to the finish line which is mostly a straight line and the one who still hold on to the cow is the winner. The funny part is the rider is only one person but there seems a team who help them up before the run start. At this pacu jawi they using two cows, and the rider holding on the cow’s tail each hands, sometimes to speed on the rider bite the tail of the cow too (>_<) .

It was a muddy splash splash ride as they race on the muddy field and the watchers should still very carefull while watching this race as the cows many times run not in a straight line, sometimes they jump directly to the edge of the field running away from the race itsellf.

I know I feel bad for the cows but it iwas indeed a very refreshing experience and all the excitement of the team is really contagious, and it was also one of the traditional culture of West Sumatera. If you ever got a chance to visit West Sumatera, watching Pacu Jawi is one of recommended activity you need to see.

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