Travelog: Watching Pacu Jawi and Playing Princess at Batu Sangkar

From Harau valley I moved out through the cities using the guide with motorbike since its the common transportation with the expertise driver who know the area. It quite cost me but that is the recommended transportation to travel around. I know the guide since he take several guesses to the homestay and he is one of the recommended guide by Ibu Nonik as the owner of the homestay. So he pick me up from the homestay, pack my backpack on the motorbike and off we go.

The cow rider during Pacu Jawi at Batu Sangkar, so many muddy splash
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Travelog: Watching Pacu Jawi

One of the newest and excited experience during a stay at Harau Valley is when Yoga, one of the guide at the homestay inform the guests that there is Pacu Jawi on the soccer field at the border of the city. I watch it so many times from the television travel program but never seen it directly so I just jump out to who ever wants to go there to watch 😀

Pacu Jawi at Payakumbuh, West Sumatera
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