Travelog: Semarang

Actually by then, I already have a booked ticket train that will take me to Yogyakarta from Brebes but hey I ended up join the road trip and postponed my arrival at Yogyakarta and I’m glad I did. From the wedding we drove to Semarang, enjoying the new highway that make the trip faster. We stopped by at Pekalongan and went to their Batik market for a while, you know shop, shop and shop until we arrived so late at Semarang. We stay at a friend’s house in the edge of the city near by the famous Sam Pho Kong temple.

snuggle in one frame at Sam Pho Kong temple, Semarang, Central Java

Semarang is the city in central of Java, known as the biggest city as economic center and famous for it milky fish snack and lumpia. So of course we do the culinary trip along the city, visit the famous Lawang Sewu, Batik Village and Sam Pho Kong temple.  They also have the old town corner, filled with the Dutch architecture building and quite famous corner just to spend time with walking around and taking pictures. I hope you can enjoy the pic as I enjoy when I was taking them.

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