Travelog: Semarang-Yogyakarta-Kutoarjo

From Semarang  I took a travel to take me to Yogyakarta, its a five hours drive through Boyolali, Magelang and Muntilan. I’m quite familiar with the road as I go through them often everytime I have my school holiday. Eventhough Yogyakarta always have special place in my heart, that day I didnt spend time to roaming around and went directly to Lempuyangan train station where I should spend another hour to get to Kutoarjo where my friend is waiting.

Kutoarjo with Uti

This is the first time I ever visit Kutuarjo and my bestie pick me up on the station with her mom too, so glad to see them after a while. They used to be my family in Bogor where I spend most of the weekend at their house before they move to Kutoarjo. So this is kinda bit a reunion and catching up with each other and yes I still consider they are still my family. You might not blood relatedly but they mean so much as they gave me so much of them too. Open their house when I was sick and gave all the support I needed during those reckless working days when I get so exhausted. And they introduce me to the other family members from uncle, aunty, cousins, niece so yeah they are my precious family too bad they move soo far now so I cant see them that often anymore.

getting pick up from the train station yay…

I was staying at Kutoarjo for the whole week. Its a smal city actually not much to see and to do. We walk every morning to the market, passing the rainbow bridge and main field in the city center to get my snack and vegetables. Its a slow and simple life, people still greet each other on the street and its nice. I have my precious people all around too so that is super nice to spent the whole week there.


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