Travelog: Nias

I took an hour flight to Nias and arrive at the small airport on the edge of the island at Gunung Sitoli. Its not much of the city as it is a small place with few shops along the street. When you arrive you’ll be like and idol stars welcome by renting car drivers who try to take a passanger. Its not a formal taxi and you have to negotiate to get the right price till your destination. But once again you have no clue what is the right price for the distance you try to reach. Based on the information I receive from the fellow traveller, from the airport till to Teluk Dalam the place I’m planning to go is round about 300K IDR which is a lot. But seing the surrounding I understand why they put higher price, the distance wuite long and there is not much option for public transportation.

Sunset at Sorake beach, Nias
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Travelog: Going back to Padang

After the exciting trip at Mentawai, I get back to the same hostel. Getting myself in a girl’s dorm, take a refreshing shower and take a rest. Getting back from the jungle, especially the one in Teluk Bungus has left a mark on my feet. The musquito bites left some hole on the skin which gettin worsen by the humid condition in Mentawai, so I clean up my skin and get some antibiotics to go with. So make sure if you visit those place bring your insect repellent.

Museum of Padang in the middle of the city.
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