Travelog: Going to Teluk Kabung, Bungus

From the Maninjau Lake, me and my motorguide go back to Bukit Tinggi as the transit spot before we go to Teluk Kabung at the edge of the island. We go through so many new places to reach there. We go pass Batu Sangkar again towards Sawahlunto and old city known as a mining city in the previous time and maintain well to preserve the history. I stopped by for a while since I have another friend who lives there. Yes the advantage of entering government school is you have so many friends from all over the places in Indonesia so I’m happy to see familiar faces after long time no see. Its like waking up the youth in you once again ‘meh’  

Happy to see long time no see friend again at Sawahlunto

From Sawahlunto we keep riding pass through Solok and go down to Padang, the main city in the area, then we keep the journey  another one and a half hours to the shore area known as Teluk Kabung. From Teluk Kabung we planned to go to Teluk Bungus by one hour boat ride. Teluk Bungus is actually not an island, its a part of the main island of Sumatera but it cannot reach by road since its covered by hills and forest so thats why the main transportation is taking a boat. We leave Maninjau at 8 am and arrive at Teluk Kabung around 4 pm. We wait some friend to go together as we promised before and off we go to the homestay at Teluk Bungus.

Off we go to Teluk Bungus where the homestay is
My beautifull and spacious bungalow at Bungus

The boat ride is kinda bumpy since its windy and rainy but we survived and arrived at the homestay safely. The place is so peacefull as it is at the beach and hidden on the corner curve part of the island, and behind it is purely forest you dont want to mess up with as it is a thick forest. You have another resort neighbour separate by rocks and you must swim quite far if you want to stop by or wait till the sea water recede where you can try to walk above the dried reef, but nah I’m happy where I am.

This is the view from infront of the bungalow

The bungalow is much more bigger than the one I have in Harau, the humidity in the area is quite disturbing and the mosquito is crazy. They only have 4 bungalows and main bungalow for gathering and eating. They have small kitchen with two young lady helps to cook and two other staff to assist the guests.

The view at Marak island

Staying here is another wonderful journey, there is sounds of monkeys and birds in the morning , quite foggy at the tree height and the air is so salty fresh. As you dont get the phone signal easy on the spot, for refreshment you can snorkling in front of the beach but have to go further as its full of reef once you step your foot in. Then you can took another boat to visit small islands nearby. We share a boat with another guests to visit Marak island on the outer side of the main island, the island is so tempting with the white sand and beautiful view, and as soon as we approaching we see sea turtle from the boat and we get signals too. There is only two person on the island live in a small hut because they are a keeper. Based on the conversation they work as a keeper for the person who rent the island ‘head poke’ The beach is so clean and clear but the current under is quite strong, I keep swept away from side to side but its so refreshing.  


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