Travelog: Going back to Padang

After the exciting trip at Mentawai, I get back to the same hostel. Getting myself in a girl’s dorm, take a refreshing shower and take a rest. Getting back from the jungle, especially the one in Teluk Bungus has left a mark on my feet. The musquito bites left some hole on the skin which gettin worsen by the humid condition in Mentawai, so I clean up my skin and get some antibiotics to go with. So make sure if you visit those place bring your insect repellent.

Museum of Padang in the middle of the city.

Okay, so I take few days break at Padang, spending time strolling at Siti Nurbaya fly over to see the sunset and walking around the old town. I spare my time to visit the museum and bookstore also during lunch time.

Captured around Siti Nurbaya fly over on a way to the old china town, Padang.

At the hostel, I have chat with another traveler and we start sharing the places we have been. He wants to go to Mentawai and I want to go to Nias where he just come from. So I book a flight to Nias within two days. As I told you before the more I travel the more I go with the flow now. I dont have a fixed detail plan like I used to do in my early year, but probably because I have enough time now not to go in  a rush and enjoy  the journey slowly.

So within two days, I took my flight to Nias, its another island on the west side of Sumatera island. The island also famous for its beautiful beach for surfer and rich cultural heritage and I’m so excited to go to new places.


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