Travelog: That feeling when you travelling solo

So after two weeks of peacefulness, fun and lots of walks, I realized that traveling around is not easy using a public transportation. You will wait so long to take one. You mostly will be using a rent motorbike or car with the guide which can cost you a bunch if you traveling solo. I only rent a motorbike with the guide few times to explore the Harau Valley to see the hidden waterfall on the corner of valley and learn to play Talempong. And being a local traveler who travelling local also sometimes not easy, they keep refer you from Jakarta once you mention you come from Java island and considered as a rich tourist (sad but true). 

Learning to play talempong a traditional flute from this man on the corner of Harau valley, in a hut above the watery paddy field and fish pond.

Then I meet with a foreign couple who already travel around Asia at that time and at the homestay the man said, in here people are lazy to walk, it is easy to walk and if you are tired the people around here is so warm and welcome offer us a ride back home, and I just goes ‘wtf’ I walk every morning to the market and instead offering me a ride they just look at me weirdly most the time. Sad sometimes thinks that you are not that welcome as the foreigner with the blondie hair which always attrack local people. One thing that you can learn from this matter is dying your hair blond! Ahahaha just kidding…  but when I visiting a kindergarden on their costumes day along with the man, we got all the cakes offer to us to try along taking pictures among the parents too like celebrity (>_<).

costume day

What upsetting the most is, when you have converssation with the local, they keep asking you where you come from? what you do? going alone? Where is the boyfriend or husband? Why you not getting married already? So rich huh thats why you travelling? Errrrr…….

There is standard politeness but sometimes they keep jumping on the list of those questions with me as a local solo girl traveler.  At one night I almost fight with the one who ask me that, no matter what I say, I’m on the wrong side and then when I go quiet he pointed out to another dinner table wih a foreign lady tourist and said if I ask them they sai it will be not your business. And I took the chance and said ‘ if I say the same you’ll be insulted eh’ then he just leave my table and just leave without a words ahahaha I feel like I won a gold medal inside.  

If you ever travel alone probably you ever get the same experience like I do, not all is a bad thing it just sometimes they just tresspasssed the boundary of the personal matter and its not your business matter. And the challenge for the local tourism hospitality is need to improve either it for the foreign tourist or  local tourist we are still a guest who you need to respect equally since we also pay the same price and expect the same hospitality.

Anyway this is my personal rambling and experience though, I don’t expect you ever feel the same but you’ve been warned tehehe…  One thing need to learn is there is still so much positive thing from the travelling compare to this small matters and thats the joy of the travelling itself right. Lemme know your experience in the comment section please, would like to know if someone out there ever felt the same when you are travelling solo.

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