Travelog: Visiting Puncak Mandeh, Painan and Pesisir Selatan

After several days playing and watching sunsets at Bungus, we got back to Teluk Kabung and continue the journey to the sout part of the area where there is new open place they say as Raja Ampat Sumatera which know as Puncak Mandeh. You can see the view from above and the beauty almost the same like shown at Raja Ampat at Papua, Irian Jaya the other province of Indonesia located on the eastern part of the country. It takes around two hours by riding the motor bike and yes the view are breathtaking. We stop for a while, take some pictures and continue the journey.

The view from Puncak Mandeh, Sumatera Barat, Indonesia

We ride to Painan area, towards a place where I want to see. There is a Root bridge that I see from the other traveler and I really want to see that, I didnt know that the place is around 80 km from our last stop and it took quite a while to get there. We pass the paddy fields, hills and villages to reach the place. The root bridge is famous because its really an old bridge, make by someone who is trying to connect to village accross the river and its age already 200 years they said. The bridge knitted above the bayang river, a clean river with big rocks. People can accross the bridge but still must very carefully as the bridge is really old and if you fall, you might not drown but the injured for hitting the rock probably harm you.

The beauty of Painan, Sumatera Barat

It kinda shakey when I accross the bridge and your heart pound faster ah but the bridge itself really pretty.

The 200 years root bridge above bayang river, Sumatera Barat

We spend few minutes nearby watching people while we sipping our cofee from the small cofee stall next to the river and go back to the parking lot using another modern bridge since the root bridge is full of people who do selfies.


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