Travelog: Puncak Lawang, Kelok 44 and Maninjau Lake

I spend a  night on a hostel above a cafe in Bukit Tinggi which probably I’m not recommended anymore  since I arrive late and its the only available place at that time. The bed is not clean like someone already use it before we use, the bed is itchy and the window frame full of cigarrete buts and its noisy as hell till 1 am but hey let just take it, sleep  and leave.

The next morning we continue the ride to see the famous Maninjau Lake, before reaching the lake we go to the top of the hill known as Puncak Lawang where you should be able to see the lake from above if the sky is clear but the fog at that day didnt give the view I was expecting since its too cloudy. The small park above the hill filled with small cafe with cofee and snack shop, people gathering to take picture on the edge of the hills then off we go down wards to Maninjau lake, passing another famous area known as Kelok 44. Named kelok 44 because the road to the lake is consist of 44 turns so make sure you drink your medicine to avoid car drunk due to the turns.

Picture spot at Puncak Lawang where you can see Maninjau Lake from above.

We took lunch nearby a lake tasting another new food, a small clam originally from the lake called pensi, and it taste good. They also sell it as a snack, fried with a shallot and garlic in small bucket along the road yam yam. Then I visit a friend who live across the lake, another classmate from college and it was another happy reunion after long time no see since graduation. 

A fisherman roaming to set a net on Maninjau Lake, West Sumatera, Indonesia.

I stay at one of the homestay on the edge of the lake with beautiful and clean view far from the commercial fish pond that start to filled the lake. The entrance to the homestay could only reach by walking through the edge of a paddy field unless you have a skill to juggling with your motorbike on a really steppin road only. They provide you with simple meal that you can order for lunch or dinner such as fried rice or noodle. The situation is really peacefull and relaxing, where the sound of the water from the lake just make you like on the shore of the sea as they have small wave. People will walk passed through the edge of the lake to catch pensi and small fish from the lake. Some fisherman also put a net around to catch fish in the morning.

The way you capture fish in Maninjau Lake and a patiently cat waiting for the share.

Another friend come to the homestay to visit me too so I’m quite surprised and happy to spend time with her to catch up some news from each other. This trip just like renewing friendship where I was able to see some long time no see friends .    

Thansk for stoppin by to see me Mba En 🙂
Another visitor from the edge of the lake, her name is Rosa and she pick up coconut with her daddy.

I’m learning to live my life in slower pace during this trip, I have no rush in goin places to places in a hurry as I have so much free time by then.  And I’m gratefull that I was able to see new places in my own country which is so beautiful. I have this two pages list of places I want to see and everytime I’ve  met with another traveler and sharing the list is getting longer than before. So many foreign traveler I’ve met has visit so many places in Indonesia more than I do ah and I hope I could go places more in my own country so I could brag how beautiful and rich the culture are. It just comparing to another Asia country, the transportation still become the major problem where there is no clear public transportation and afordable homestay for backpacker who travelin solo.


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