Travelog: Eating Eel at Lembah Harau

I’m still enjoying my stay at Harau valley slowly, every morning and afternoon I took a walk around 5 km around the valley paddy field, looking at the hangin clouds among the hills and watch the birds fly, it such a peacefull morning with the fresh air and beautiful sounds of the surrounding. I meet few people on their way working to th epaddy field and almost every morning I met with this man who set up the trap for catching eel on the paddy field. I’m curious about it and at the end I start a conversation with the man who actually live nearby the homestay. And after few days, I’m also curious to taste the eel aha!

The eel catcher at Harau valley

So at one morning I wait for him to come and gathering his catch and ask if I can buy some, so he ask me to follow him to his house so he can clean the eel s and give it to me yay.

Fresh eel from the paddy field, clean and ready to cook

I got a full stick of fresh eel for lunch. Bude as the woman cook in the cafetaria help me to cook it into a tasti chilly fried eel which only stand for a while on the table after its cook because its so tasty and sweet since it fresh, you just cant stop eat it 😀  


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