My guardian (angels) dogs

Item on standby mode ^^

Item on standby mode ^^


Humm… when I miss the furry barking creatures I just walk out from my dormitory to Taman Kencana my old spot where I spend most of my time while I stay in Bogor. Surrounded by colleages, friends, opung, and other familiar faces that I knew, that place brought so much memory that shaped me into what I am now. That includes the dogs, Taman Kencana guardian which became my ‘uwel-uwel’ target (hehehehe…. Opo yo uwel-uwel in injlis, ada yang tau?). I just can life away from puppies and dogs because I was growing up surrounded by them, tell you about it another post okay?!

si Bulbul
si Bulbul


Just step on through the gate, knocking out my tongue uhm… I can not wistle but I’m good at knocking out using my tongue and create that tic toc sound (which has become one of my trademarks). I do the tic toc hard enough to call them out and they will be running towards to greet me. Wiggling their tail and jumping around, sniffing, giving me a hug on their own way plus the mumbling sound if I haven’t stop by for quite a long time.


one of biutipul morning with Item 'dipoto pake hape si Eci'

one of biutipul morning with Item 'dipoto pake hape si Eci'


They were so funny and a very loyal friend if you were one of a dog lover. Usually they will accompany me walking around the place, snuggling or just sit next to me until the time I have to go. Sometimes they were stick behind my back or chasing the mobike on my way out to my dormitory until I have to shuuu shuuu at them.

Mama Lerry

Mama Lerry





si swit Jalu

si swit Jalu

Too bad not everyone have the same opinion, some of the dogs were missing, some of die because of eating poisonous food given to them. Last year we still have mama Lery with three hiding newborn puppies, Item and Jalu. Now we only have Item and Bulbul, one of mama Lery’s puppies that safe from the dog-napping.

2 months old bulbul

2 months old bulbul

the missing puppies

the missing puppies




And look at them now.


The good news is we were expecting puppies from both of them, and I was also waiting for Pepsi to deliver her baby again next week.



Huray puppies season will arrive soon

Huray puppies season will arrive soon

v(^_^)v YIPPYYYY…….. more puppies for this year




12 thoughts on “My guardian (angels) dogs

  1. until I have to shuuu shuuu at them

    is that english? or japanese?

    * googling for “shuu shuu” *

    BTW cute puppies,

    * siberian husky nya manaaa? 😀 *

  2. dogiii..dogi…

    eh tempat guruku juga ada dogy lho

    apa sih anjing yg bethooven tea…

    ada 2..gedeee banget…

    kl ngegonggong bikin takut..keras banget…

    pengen nguwel2 tapi takut…

    ada juga anjing kampung 2 ekor…

    yg satunya pernah tiba2 ngampirin gw dan pas gw nyadar dia di kaki gw..busett dah…

    wkkwwk…. dulu sempat punya juga sih..namanya pudu..tapi meninggal >_<

  3. @ Ruru chan: shuuu shuuuu……..
    huskynya masih ada di kompi, ulasannya blom komplit, sabar yaaaa….. ‘uwel uwel’

    @ Nai chan : ‘uwel uwel mpok unai juga’

    @ mama Kiki : ya iyalah, anjing sendiri emang lebih sip, bisa diuwel-uwel ‘ucek ucek mama kiki plus kikinya’

    @ Poo : ganteng? bleh….. mereka semua betina mpok, kecuali si jalu ituh ‘bikinin hapermut’

    @ Mark : they are not mine, I just live near enough and surrounded by them ^^ thanks for stoppin by

  4. Ayyyaaaaahhhhh…. lutunaaaaaa…. OMG… itu anjing kamu semua???… Oh nooo… how lucky you are 🙂

    aku juga punya anjing say… aku post disini nih

    makasih udah mampir yahhh… lop u too darling… *peyuk.. peyuk*


  5. @ Kahfynister : ‘lempar tulang’

    @ tante Silly : itu bukan punyaku tapi anjing tetangga semua ^^ numpang uwel-uwel doang kok wkwkwkwkw

    @ Jingga : wkwkwkw…..iyo ki le kucinge ndut kae enggone sampeyan seneng aku ndeloke. soal sms sih wis ewes ewes matane jeng, ndeloke wis isuk je ‘peyuk peyuk’ misyutuh

    @ jeng Femi : weehhhh….namanya Toto toh, pantesan pinter nyanyi yaaaaa… ‘ngasal’ hehehehe

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