Priority is….

when you see your friend in trouble, take picture first then you can save the sheeps :))

save the goat....

save the sheep….


Your toe please!

Your toe please!

Well, let me introduce you to my neighbour’s pet, her name is Pepsi and I call her mama Pepsi since she already gave birth more than 7 times as I recalled. This little cute mommy is addicted to ear scratch (I think most dogs are 🙂 ), so everytime you sit on the bench, you are expected to give the ear scratch for a while using your toe. Her owner having a lil shop in there house and I get used to stop by to buy some drink and sit there enjoying the afternoon. So this drink moment has recognized as a chance to get the ear scratch that she love, and sometimes I play the ironing too along her slim body and she loves it.

After my last travelling she seems missed my toe so bad until she follow me everytime I stopped by, she will start laying close enough to my feet, then tilt her head a bit, then put down her head fully upon my feet 🙂 many times she rolling over again and again, aiming my feet reply in action.

To be honest this picture shown that she is demanding her ear scratch, with the look she gave me I almost can hear her say ‘hey lady, I want my ear scratch dose after you’ve been away for almost the whole two weeks’

It is nice enough to have someone missed lil part of you huh? ;D

Lil kindness for today

Lil kindness for today

Inside a cab on my way to the office today, me and the driver are having a morning conversation and when we are in the middle of the crowded highway, he mumbling something, opening a window and wave his hand out to the cars behind us telling them to slowdown. He start driving into the center of the midline between the highway row, he stop for a while, open the driver door and pick up this little kitten and put her onto the front seat next to him. He apologized for doing so and continue driving slowly.

He saving life and he apologize, left me quite speechless. Not because I dont like what he did, but among those cars, no one has done so and no one know how long the kitten has been throw into the street.

When he think he saving a lil kitten, the truth is he saving a lil bit of my lost soul, reminds me about unconditional kindness. I’m the one who should say thank you sir 🙂

PS. I clean the kitten and look, behind the mud we can see the cute face which found comfort on my lap until I reach the office. What a great feeling to start a day with.