Travelog: Semarang

Actually by then, I already have a booked ticket train that will take me to Yogyakarta from Brebes but hey I ended up join the road trip and postponed my arrival at Yogyakarta and I’m glad I did. From the wedding we drove to Semarang, enjoying the new highway that make the trip faster. We stopped by at Pekalongan and went to their Batik market for a while, you know shop, shop and shop until we arrived so late at Semarang. We stay at a friend’s house in the edge of the city near by the famous Sam Pho Kong temple.

snuggle in one frame at Sam Pho Kong temple, Semarang, Central Java

Semarang is the city in central of Java, known as the biggest city as economic center and famous for it milky fish snack and lumpia. So of course we do the culinary trip along the city, visit the famous Lawang Sewu, Batik Village and Sam Pho Kong temple.  They also have the old town corner, filled with the Dutch architecture building and quite famous corner just to spend time with walking around and taking pictures. I hope you can enjoy the pic as I enjoy when I was taking them.

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Travelog: Ya’ahowu Festival at South Nias

I love to stay near the Sorake beach so much so I keep extending my stay day by day and I was informed that there will be a cultural festival in this south part of Nias, Teluk Dalam exactly, coverin parade from different area of their in their traditional costume and art performance in Bawomataluo village. Ohhh I’m so excited to watch another war dance and its singing along with Hombo Batu where they take turn to jumpin out the stone.

war dance costumes parade at the port at Teluk Dalam, Nias
A man in a unique war dance costume made from dried pumpkin, Bawomataluo village, Nias
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Travelog: Mentawai

Mentawai consist of several island and famous for the Mentawai ethnic and their beautiful beach with waves for the surfer. I am not a surfer but I really eager to visit the place as you only see it through tv in the previous time. So the trip start with a fast boat riding for 6 hours, its a beautiful day, the clouds are full above the blue ocean and there are some fish jumping over in the middle of somewhere as I sit on top of the boat. We stop by at Mailepet port then continue the riding for another 2 hours before we arrived at our destination port. I go with a guide and another two friend traveler. Then we meet with another couple who just been abandoned by their guide so there is 6 of us at the end. The trip should be accompanied by a guide as they people speak in their ethnic language so we will need to be accompanied by certified guide who can help us to communicate with the local people. From the port we took 30 minutes ride to the villages where we will took another small wooden boat through the river to the jungle. Another man from the village join us as additional helper, so there are seven of us on the small boat with addition to the boat driver.

Cookie, Sikerei from Mentawai
Cookie, the Sikerei from Mentawai
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