This is one of my colleague and a friend who travel with me during the trip in China. We met only once per year and it is really nice to have her along the trip so I could have a model to catch. This horse thing is one of the advertisement inside the Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station so before we get out we took a chance to play with it. See you again till the next trip Anh 🙂

Flocking up for Miss K

Flocking up for Miss K

My division has been increasing for the last couple of year, some come, some jump to the other opportunity and yesterday was another farewell party for one of the colleague in the office. After years being together definitely we will miss her….

Happy go lucky miss K, wish you a brighter future, success & happiness.May you find what you’ve been looking for, ganbate ne…

and there we are flocking up our feet after the lunch in the main hall inside the Cilandak Town Square, people are watching as we flocking up trying to put in our heels into the frame but hell yeah, this is a girls prerogative ‘hey guys please dont get offended will you?’ ;p