Priority is….

when you see your friend in trouble, take picture first then you can save the sheeps :))

save the goat....

save the sheep….


People at Shanghai

People at Shanghai

I see this girl inside the subway on the way to the airport, eventhough I couldnt understand the language they spoken seems they are a good friend, they talk and laughing a lot. Compare the first subway where everyone else busy with their mobile phone, to hear the people get have the real conversation does make some difference right 🙂 Looking at them make me miss my friends at home :’)

New friends that came along

New friends that came along

All of us arrived in Thanaleng station at the same time, we came with different reasons but we get along just fine 🙂
On the first day we meet we go together to Pha That Luang – the Golden Temple of Laos to see the celebration of the last full moon of the year based on the Budhist calendar and as I try to reminds myself, I just lucky enough to get another models to be click on 🙂

Santa did come earlier this year

Santa did come earlier this year

after several weeks roaming around from city to city between countries finally I have the whole weeks for myself, and this is what I found inside my backpack…. earlier christmas gifts from some of colleague that I’ve met in Bangkok.

A blink-blink blue bag & shell bracellet from Mumbay, a jewelry box with the eggshell from HoChiMinh City and last but not least a couple of Havaianas in vibrant color originaly from Brazil. Somehow I feel loved & spoiled by my friends 🙂

Playing with the borrowed camera, mirror& friends

Playing with the borrowed camera, mirror& friends

We in a group photo session and my friend who have the Canon Eos 60D handed me his camera as he knew that I was looking at the mirror and angling with my pocket cam. Sure does it is fun! I get the camera and free models as they start flocking when I pick up the cam ;p