Priority is….

when you see your friend in trouble, take picture first then you can save the sheeps :))

save the goat....

save the sheep….


The Horse Rider

After the sunrise, we were walking down to the crater area through the sand of field called ‘pasir berbisik’ the whispering sands where you can see a lot of horse rider offering the ride on to the crater. The sun is blinding, dust are flying but its all worth to see.

The horse rider at Bromo, 2015

The horse rider at Bromo, 2015

the Afternoon stroll

the Afternoon stroll

the sun still shinning so bright approaching sunset time at Gili Trawangan, people are rushes to the west side of the island and this man with cidomo are rushes back to the east to took more passenger

either you use your feet to walk or ride a bike, cidomo is the only other transportation you find in this island 🙂

me? i count on my feet for couple of days and when they start getting stiff, I go get myself a nice bike 🙂