Travelog: Watching Pacu Jawi and Playing Princess at Batu Sangkar

From Harau valley I moved out through the cities using the guide with motorbike since its the common transportation with the expertise driver who know the area. It quite cost me but that is the recommended transportation to travel around. I know the guide since he take several guesses to the homestay and he is one of the recommended guide by Ibu Nonik as the owner of the homestay. So he pick me up from the homestay, pack my backpack on the motorbike and off we go.

The cow rider during Pacu Jawi at Batu Sangkar, so many muddy splash
It is a really amazing experience to watch the Pacu Jawi close up like this, Batu Sangkar.
Muddy splash on Pacu Jawi

We go through the hidden road passing through the beautifull valley of paddy field and went towards Batu Sangkar, the next city famous with the schedulled Pacu Jawi and the Pagaruyung palace. And again I am lucky because we go on Saturday where there is Pacu Jawi schedulled in one of the village in Batu Sangkar Area. Pacu Jawi in Batu Sangkar is one of the traditional culture maintained, they say, every month the location move from one village to another as a way to introduce the area to the tourists too. I was told that previously, Pacu Jawi is one of the occasion conduct so the young people from each villages could gathering and know to each other.  It’s a quite long ride from Harau Valley and we stop few times at small coffee shop if we get tired but I do enjoy the view so much.

We arrived at the location of Pacu Jawi around lunch time and spend few hours to watch the excitement of the occasion. This time the Pacu Jawi in Tanjung village conduct in three row of the empty paddy field which still maintain muddy. And this time they only use one cow per rider but with more excitement  as some of the cow jumps towards the audience, jump to the row below. I enjoye it so much and glad that I get a good shoot to capture this Pacu Jawi.

After finished watching pacu jawi, we move towards another famous object in Batu Sangkar that you must visit which is the Pagaruyung Palace where you can rent a costume and playing princess. So many guide in the palace will offer you their service regarding the history of the palace and help you to take a shoot in the beautiful palace made from woods and full of woods carving with beautiful color. Playing princess is fun as you fell pretty but wearing it is not fun as it keep stuck on the edge of the door or window (>_<)  but I have my chance and filled my curiosity become a princess for a few moment.

Playing princess at Pagaruyung Palace with rent costume, Batu Sangkar
Pagaruyung Palace, Batu Sangkar

After spending time in Batu Sangkar, we ride forward to another city as a transit city known as Bukit Tinggi.

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