The Dance – Didik Nini Thowok

On our company annual gathering last week, there was a special performance by Didik Nini Thowok. I’ve been heard and seen his performance from TV a few times since I was a small kid but that night performance was really something amazing, membuat terkesima deh. Even when I sat on the table behind, far from the stage, I’ve never seen such a person dance so smooth, the body movement swaying following the music tune. He gave the soul to the mask he was wearing when he dance. The way his body swing and move following the jazzy, pop and ethnic tune make all of us speechless (secara kita para wanita perkasa yang suka sradak sruduk ga ada anggun-anggunnya, anggota ragunan sih iya kali ya? He..he..he..). All of us give him a standing applause for his performance at the end of the show, tapi sayang banget pas ngudek ke belakang panggung dah gak keliatan lagi padahal pengen banget foto bareng Mas Didik (hikz).


Honto ni arigato for such a beatiful performance Mas Didik, its really inspiring.

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