Sentimental Journey

It’s been months ago since I was sitting on a bus on my journey from Bogor to Jakarta, our bus passed a car accident at Km 17 on jagorawi toll way. An old blue carry and a silver city car rolled up on the grass on the edge of the toll way. The broken glass shattered around the location, the carry was still intact but the silver one was crushed and squeezed. Ambulance and police car were near by. People slowed their cars and take a look causing a hectic traffic along the kilomtres toll way . People mumbling out sympathy for the accident, for the victims though we don’t see clearly.

And in the same week, in Tuesday afternoon, Erik my colleague at the office told me about Gleny. That she didn’t survived from an accident in Medan. I might didn’t know her that much until we spend that night at the Starbucks and walk along the botanical garden sideway in the middle of the night, just the three of us. Jamie, Gleny and me. She’s was a very young, smart, energizer battery kind of person,  likeable, cool in her own way….an artist wannabe…she’s just so young…and life is just seems so fragile    


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