Many times we like to change anything to fulfill our expectation, mostly we forget that sometimes the one that need to change is ourself


I took the picture in one of the corner of Malioboro street where I found this man sell a colored hermit crabs, of course its not the original color since he use some commercial paint (something like airbrush style) to attract children to buy it. Can you see how many hermit crabs that he had?


Yogyakarta ~ the Old lady on Beringhardjo corner

Yogyakarta ~ the Old lady on Beringhardjo corner

The fat satay seller on the corner of Beringhardjo market. She will warmed the sweet seasoned satay using the carcoal based on order and definitely the best way to eat this one is while its HOT.

Honestly, with 1500 rupiahs per stick you can taste a lil bit heaven in your tongue and months of exercise for your cholestrol ;p

Yogyakarta ~ the Guardian

Yogyakarta ~ the Guardian

I saw this statue first at the Yogyakarta airport on my last visit on May, but when I come back this October, this statue is standing freely in the most crowded intersection which known as the zero kilometres meeting point. From the intersection you can go to Sultan Palace, Malioboro, president palace, Beringhardjo market, tasting traditional food, educational garden for children or watching an old building from Dutch colonialism, Vrederburg castle, or just visit the Batik monument right next to the guardian.

Just let me know if you ever planned to visit Yogyakarta 🙂