My definition of success is simple, doing things that I like in my life and get paid for do so ;p

#Another gift from one of the colleague.


Monday Wisdom

Monday Wisdom

The lady has been working for more than 25 years in the company, and when its time fore her to leave, she share her wisdom to all of us in a shape of a mug. Simple words in a bright color painted in the mug’s surface, she hope that we could reminded and drink those words deep into our daily life.

Even when its time for her to rest, she choose to keep support the team by joining the regional team for another round.

#When the monday seems annoying after the weekend, all I need is zipped the coffee from this mug and wish the wisdom spread to my vein and reminds me to keep calm and grateful for the things that I had

Short Stops @ Semarang

Pic grab form the official IVMACCE website ^^

That weekend going to Semarang feels like going back to campuss again, so much friendly and familiar faces that I often sees during my youth, from my professor, senior until junior colleagues until my ex-boss :D. People gathered from all over the corners to celebrate one vision under the same professions – Veterinary Roles for a Better Health and a Safer World.

‘A big celebration to celebrate a 100 year veterinary in Indonesia.’  

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