Nami Island ~ the tree of love

Nami Island ~ the tree of love

Nami Island has become a famous for tourist due to its commercial arrangement related with the famous Korean drama ‘Winter Sonata’ . Bunch of couple join the cruise to cross to Nami island and this tree is to tied down your love wish when you come with your couple 🙂

Life is just begin (at 30)

Today, after a long bumpy road at last I get a chance to celebrate my 30 birthday so lets rockin to celebrate it with me guys ^^

I'm ready - Bryan Adams mode on ^^

I'm ready - Bryan Adams mode on ^^



Its still a long journey up in front, more bumpy and rockin but I’m ready to fly. Thank you for all dear friend who share their story in my life, I couldn’t make it this far without you all ‘hugz’



PS. with condolences to all the bombing victim this morning @Jakarta