At the first sight

At the first sight

Falling in love at the first sight ~ for me it much more like physical attraction where he/she look so amazing among the others ;p ‘it just my rambling thought though’


Project – White Shoes Story

White shoes & the fish rope @Sempur

Well its not some an official project or something but more like my own project which I do because I like to click on the texture on the ground, then put my shoes in it so it wont be to empty. It goes with one click, then another one, then more more and more…… No high technique of photography needed and you can direct the model as much as you can with the schedule of work anytime, it is fun indeed 😀

White shoes story happen in Bogor where its known as the rainy city, involving those rubber white shoe that I wear almost everyday when its rain, my feet and those lovely texture of the ground that I step on 🙂  Enjoy, as I have fun time in each click using my Experia.

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