Some rules are meant to be broken

Some rules are mean to be broken

if you have the super vision you might notice a mark stamped on the train wall with the yellow color, its prohibition of using the cell phone on the referred spot.


Indeed some rules are meant to be broken :p


Dinner with Ebet

inside the night train from PoCin to Bogor

It is been weeks ago since the last time I took the nite train. I remember that day I need to work on some urgent document for other department so I ended up at the office on the weekend. The heat on the outside is unbearable, completed with the gas pollution from the crowded public transportation along jalan Raya Bogor towards Kampung Rambutan bus terminal. And I just feel like moving to another big sauna room when I realized that the air conditioner inside the room has been turn off during the weekend. At that time I was thinking I’m having a bad weekend but at the end of the day when I was told my friend I’m at the office we ended up planning to get a culinary trip that night after I finish my work.

Summer of 2009: Bogor – Jakarta – Yogyakarta

pulang ke kota muuuuuu...... - Kla project

pulang ke kota muuuuuu...... - Kla project

The summer journey start after I finish my third contract where I still have a few days from my annual leave plus two weeks leave noticed before I’m ready to sign another one. An exhausted world yet at the same time it is so enchanted with its complexity inside. You can say it’s a crazy world but it was also a comfort zone for the last couple of years. Hypnotizing me like a hibernated bear that lazy enough to move on, hahaha… that’s me. This year when my number reach 30, I have to change my priority and aimed at a better self improvement, concentrate much more in my career. I guess this effect me much than I could accept because I gotta re-numbered the things I really want to do, put aside some of my dreams that seems didn’t have the same path with the work line. Reality bites huh!   


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Yogyakarta – Jakarta – Bogor

Malam minggu itu saya kembali duduk di kursi besi di antara rel-rel kereta di Stasiyun Lempuyangan. Kali ini pasti, saya akan pulang karena libur telah usai. Dari Seturan, kali ini saya diantar ke Lempuyangan oleh Mas Didi dan eyang kakungnya jeng Imoel dan Toko yang sedang mampir di Seturan. Memantapkan diri, saya harus kembali ke Bogor dan memulai kembali semua rutinitas yang kadang (belakangan sih seringkali deh) membuat saya jenuh. Permasalahan yang tak kunjung usai serta ketegasan yang tak kunjung ditunjukkan di kantor membuat saya tergoda mengingkari janji saya dan memutuskan untuk berpaling ke tempat yang lain. Tapi saya belum bisa dan saya memutuskan untuk kembali. Begitu banyak pertimbangan dan perhitungan yang singgah di benak untuk beberapa waktu. Ah… mungkin saya sendiri yang masih belum siap meninggalkan comfort zone saya ya…. lah malah jadi curhat?


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Another blogger date with Jingga (bel) at Gubeng

Lempuyangan – Surabaya Gubeng – Banyuwangi Baru – Denpasar

That night after I went back from Borobudur, I took another train from Yogyakarta to Surabaya. Mas Agung, Mbak Iin and Puput drove me out to the station. The ticket for Gaya Baru Malam 2 economical class train is 2.8000 rupiahs. The train was late, again, this time I wait for another two hours before the train is arrived at 23.00 pm and took all the passengers from Yogyakarta in 5 minutes transit.


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Manggarai to Yogyakarta

I could hear the sound of the wistle before the train start to tremble and move along the railway, leaving Manggarai station. Me and other passengers passed the night through Cikampek, Cirebon, Purwokerto with full of darkness since the lamps inside the train is broken, the food and coffee seller passing through using a candle protected with a used plastic glass which has been cut out to protect the wind blow from the opened windows. The other stations wasn’t so crowded as the usual and at last I found what I’m waiting for, an old lady – a kecombrang pecel seller ^^ at Wates station when the light starts to filled in the train. With 3.000 rupiahs you get one packet of breakfast (vegetables, lontong and bakwan that has been cut into small pieces, with pieces of the kecombrang flower that has been boiled and of course poured with pecel seasons (peanuts, chilly, javanesse red sugar which has been mixed thoroughly with water)) served upon folded banana leaves. Yummyyy…… 


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