a Buddy

I'm here babe, come on and hug me ^^

I'm here babe, come on and hug me ^^























When I’m weary as the usual I need to found myself a furry creature to be hug and this is one of it. Buddy, he is a young handsome dog, almost two years old by now. Just a couple steps to the shop in the corner and I could play with buddy and his mom – Pepsi.

The Shocking Weekend

This weekend has been a tough one for me, most of all emotionally. The occasion drove my energy out and I’m start getting physically exhausted so I decided to go to an acupuncture therapist to get a reflexion massage, just to relax my muscle before its getting worse. This is the new place, I never came here before but my house-mate friend told me and indicated me to try because this one is the very good one u-should-really-try-it, so the three of us goes there.


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