Many times we like to change anything to fulfill our expectation, mostly we forget that sometimes the one that need to change is ourself


I took the picture in one of the corner of Malioboro street where I found this man sell a colored hermit crabs, of course its not the original color since he use some commercial paint (something like airbrush style) to attract children to buy it. Can you see how many hermit crabs that he had?

People ~ have you have your breakfast young girl?

People ~ have you have your breakfast young girl?

if you havent, you should visit him in Padjajaran street, close enough by the Baranangsiang campus. He’ll provide you a bowl of hot rice porridge seasoned, slices of chicken, onion, celery, chip, a spoon of sambal and chicken viscera satay. Tasty & healthy breakfast before you start your day 🙂