Travelling with yourself

Travelling alone, travelling with the other side of me

Barefooting @Bangkok sidewalk

So many question marks when people knew that I enjoy travelling alone. Well, doesn’t mean that we ‘the lone ranger traveler’ are selfish but we got use to not depends on other people to decide where we could go. Most we just follow our heart, where we want to go, as long we enjoy where we going and understand the meaning of travelling itself, I guess if you ever understand, even we are travelling alone we never be alone, you travel with yourself as your best friend, conquering your own ego and negotiate with your own terms.

For me travelling is not just to get a picture of yourself stand in front of Eifell tower (it just a methaphore, myself never been there yet 🙂 )but the process how you get there, what you want to do? what you looking for? Sometimes yes it could be lonely but it’s up to you how you handle it. Like I told you, it is a challenge to conquer all of that question mark in your head. Alone or along with your friends Without you realizing or not, life itself is a long long way of travelling. Continue reading


Another year has gone by

Another year has gone by

Moi – Sanur, Bali

Mbok Dayu with the flowers :)

Mbok Dayu with the flowers 🙂

Simbok - the hand that welcome me everytime I'm back to Sanur, Bali

Simbok – the hand that welcome me everytime I’m back to Sanur, Bali

Today, one day in another year, somehow I gotta say it that I’m thankful for those chances that have brought shimmering colors to my life, I’m thankful for those hands that always push me higher and reach me when I’m kinda lost.

Hey, I’m saying thank you for everything & everyone that have shaped me into the way I am now


a sunset bungalow

a sunset bungalow

I walk across this cute small bungalow, the yard is so wide and from where I stand, it really close enough with the beach where you can lay down and watch the sunset. Its on the other side of the island where there is no street lights…. definitely perfect for the honeymoon couple

‘knock knock do you know where I can buy a bride groom? ;p’