It is one of the finest day in Vientiane

It is one of the finest day in Vientiane

Last week I got a chance to visit Vientiane, Laos where if you see there in a map, it just in another corner from Bangkok where I should spend a week for another yearly meeting. The planning itself come in a rush, basically i have no plan at all. I made no reservation and all I do is searching the web how to get there after spend several nights in Bangkok. I just need my travelling time to ease my mind from work.

And hey I’ve made it, I arrive in Laos, meet new friends along the way too. It is a great feeling when unexpected things become truly wonderful experience and journey, even by looking at the bright beautiful sky could make you smile. I’m glad that I’m able to come and sure does this one is one of the finest day in Vientiane.

On the east corner

On the east corner

I start biking so early in the morning and arrived back approaching lunch time, people told me it took only 1.5 – 2 hours to ride around the island but yeah since I stop alot to take pictures I just lost in times.

In five hours, I get bunch bunch bunch of pictures, tanned skin (even my leather bag get tanned too 😀 ) and make my dragon screaming (well I thought I only went for 2 hours and be back for breakfast), so when I recognized this corner near my resort, I just go yippy yayaya because I conquer the challenge