Yogyakarta ~ the Old lady on Beringhardjo corner

Yogyakarta ~ the Old lady on Beringhardjo corner

The fat satay seller on the corner of Beringhardjo market. She will warmed the sweet seasoned satay using the carcoal based on order and definitely the best way to eat this one is while its HOT.

Honestly, with 1500 rupiahs per stick you can taste a lil bit heaven in your tongue and months of exercise for your cholestrol ;p

Sate Gajih ~ One way to pleased your tongue


Sate gajih @Beringhardjo market ~ Yogyakarta, Oct 12

If you ever visit Yogyakarta, go to Beringhardjo market and walk a little to find this old lady, selling one of the tasty snack, satay of fats with sweet seasoning. Once you order, the satay will be re-burn using a charcoal because it tasted better when its hot. She’ll wrap the satay using banana leaf and with 1500 rupiahs per stick I could pleased my tongue for five minutes…..

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