This aint happen!

This aint happen!

after the flower loosen up and I walk for a while, another part of the shoe sandal has put off, the pad… sh*t cant believe this happen and its not that I’m not try to walk on it, it just make me like a limp person and make people watch me more, so couple of seconds thinking, I let go both of my shoes and continue walk barefooting in the city sidewalk ‘I’m totally grateful that Bangkok has managed it sidewalk nicely so I can still walk barefoot cozily’ ahahaha…. still cant believe its happen but yes, I’m walking along like that trying to find some Seven Eleven that i found everywhere before it happen but none that I’ve seen nearby, so I walk to the nearest bus stop and waiting to grab a cab. Since its near the celebration of the King’s birthday the street are kinda crowd and there was some cops guarding the intersection, I try to walk casually as they looking at me like weirdly ‘hey cant you see I’m holding my broken sandals sir?’ ;p

And when I get my cab, he was looking at my feet and ask about (of course once again using Thai language while he pointed at my sandal & black feet), I told him to go back to the hostel but in a way there is no short cut so I told him to go Seven Eleven and surprisingly when I have to pay about 47 baht he told me 40 baht, 40 baht miss 40 baht only and smilling at me ~ cant you believe that among the trouble, it bring me kindness of a stranger in return 🙂 Its not about the amount of the baht but the fact that he care about what happen, that is kind enough to show me that he does care.

the Trouble with the shoe

the Trouble with the shoe

Ah well, after several days roaming around the city corner using my sandals, my feet getting sober and too dry so that lovely afternoon I was deciding to use the other sloppy girly shoe sandal that I brought to attend the meeting. It is basically a comfy shoe sandal with tick soft pad, first the flower that attach infront of it has loosen up its grip so I pulled out the other to make it equal, but that afternoon something else has glued off….. you can see in the next picture whats goin on then ….