Midnite at Malioboro - Suummer of 2009

Midnite at Malioboro - Summer of 2009

Arrive in Yogyakarta always turn on the old memories inside. Spend three wonderful years there during senior high school. The feeling is still the same every time I stepped on my feet around, feelin so comfort. The city has its own magical charming with the people kindness, their simple and traditional way of thoughts and life. The urban changes and the mural that starts filled the city walls among buildings and under the bridges were only part of its charm beside the sweet taste culinary that you often found as its trademark.


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Ramayana Cultural dance performance – Yogyakarta

Prambanan @ night (Nunu, Nikon D40)

Prambanan @ night (Nunu, Nikon D40)

Seeing the prambanan temple at night from the restaurant where we have dinner that Thursday night, I thought the outside stage would be creating it magical moment for the dance but too bad we came on December so we have to rush walking into the theathre soon at 0800 pm after the dinner.


I got a chance to watch the Ramaya cultural dance performance last December. It was a routine show performance on Prambanan temple, Solo, near enough from Yogyakarta. The Prambanan temple itself had been mention in my old post. The dance performed for the whole year, every Tuesday and Tuesday night, using an outside stage on the summer and inside the theatre during the rainy season.


It was such a beautiful show, beautiful dancer in their traditional costumes moving so smooth and energetic. Along the circle ground surrounded with colorful lights as the stage, the dancers also moving between the walking halls between the public. When we eagerly watch the deer dance avoiding the chasing in the center of the stage, then suddenly Rama shows up from behind and aiming his arrow towards. Hanuman jumping from the side and Rahwana the giant red whos kidnapped Shinta laughing behind the watchers. Surprising but it does make the people who watch the show as part of the dancer member. I gave my four thumbs up for that ^^


I’m planning to watch it once again next time I visit Yogya and that time I will be sitting in the first row with the camera guys (masa cuma bule doang yang duduk di situ, tega bener!!! Tiketnya beda sih ya huikz…..)


My SE Z530i couldn’t catch those beautiful moments (argghhh…..) so I ask one of my friends Nunu to donate me some of his picture using Nikon SLR d40. The summary of the Ramayana dance write below as I type it from their original brochure. Enjoy the read and the view ya ^^


Buat para fakir bandwidth, BEWARE!!!



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Since I have enough sleeping and rest on the bus I decided to go to Prambanan that day. So after taking a fresh shower and breakfast at Seturan, Toko drove me back to trans Yogya halte on Amplas and I took 1B route to take me to Prambanan halte. The temples are seen from the main street but to get to the main gate you could walk or riding a becak. And I prefer to walk to spend the time.


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