When the night comes

when the night fall down @Toba Lake, North Sumatera ~ Oct2012

As the sun goes down and the light start to turn on, the other side of the lake Toba beauty has risen. I walk through the rock path from the room pass through the cafe on the 2nd floor, just like the seasonal antfly, I was captured by the beauty of the light across the lake. The shadows of the light falls onto the lake and with the ripple of the water, they just like swimming trying to get across to the other side. The passing cars from above of the hill appears in between, just like a twinkle stars in such a low height.

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Memory of Solo

Simbok Jamu @ Kauman Village, Solo, Oct 2010

Uhmm…. ini merupakan cicilan pertama dari hutang-hutang saya, maafkan saya nyaaah…. #koplak #shitnetron #galau

A couple months ago, I was screaming out loud when I received the hectic schedule. Well it doesn’t mean that I don’t like to go out side and travel but it just feel not a good time to travel with bunch of homework to do. Honestly I just don’t like to be called all the time when the work weren’t finish yet the phone will go on ring ring all the time asking bout the information that stuck on my cupboard or comp. files if you know what I mean, that would be disturbing rite ‘annoyed’

But well, at the end here I go again. I went early at the morning from Bogor to catch up my flight, I curled on the back seat of the taxi trying to fillin up my beauty sleep until I arrived at Soekarno-Hatta International airport. Enjoy some fastfood and a cup of coffee (to feed my dragon) at my fave corner, looking at the cloudy day and people with their suitcase hurrying up. Then once again the journey begins. The journey start with flight from Jakarta to Solo, a batik city which is very close to Jogja – Poo maapkeun nda bisa mampir yaaaaaa kemaren ituh.

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