Japan – Gotemba

Yay, at last we have the Fuji on our background ;p

Continuing the journey from Narita, Tokyo – Fuji – Hakone Lake we aim to Gotemba which famous for its premium outlet, the ladies are anthusiastic to hear they have the chance to shopping on the first day, prepare the wallet girls!

The place is about 1.5-2.0 hours drive from Hakone Kojiri Terminal so we are arrived really close to the sunset, the sky are not bright but the combination of the colors between grey, orange and pink tone with the Fuji mountain behind make us setting another pose again for the group ‘aye again then’ Even though we took the picture in the parking lot, we do have the Fuji now 😀


AHOY, mission accomplished 🙂

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Japan – Mount Fuji


Mount Fuji, Japan, Dec2010

Following the story from here & here, that day we arrive at Mount Fuji, directly to the 5th Level. There even before we reach the place, the mountain has been standing out astonishingly and even though  Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan, honestly its not look like it is high but the look of it is full grace, charm and calm under the blazing sunlight. The day still so bright but still its -5 degree Celcius over there, at first its still okay when we get down from the bus but once there is a wind blowing, we almost run to the nearest mini market in a hurried. Once we enter the store, each of us given a little jingling prayer bell, it supposed to pray on the Shinto shrine above. We are flocking by the heater and once we feel warm, we going out to walk a bit to see the shrine.

My eyes were captured to the red gate of the shrine which later I was informed called Torii which used a symbol as a gate from profane world into a sacred place. I walk pass several Torii before at the corner a lil bit top from the store there is a small shrine. Most of the tourist were talking picture infront of the shrine, we are worries that we might trespassing the border of sacred allowed.

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All this time, I watch through the curtain as I keep myself aware that something covered behind is something mysteriously magical that draw my senses. 

curtains3rd person singular present, plural of cur·tain

Somewhere in Jakarta



A piece of material suspended at the top to form a screen, typically movable sideways along a rail, found as one of a pair at a window.

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