The postcards shop

The postcards shop

I found this one on the corner of the street, the decoration is simple but it caught my eyes and its too good to pass through.

If you see the picture is kinda bit tilt here and there, thats because my fingers already trembling due to the cold weather in there, as someone that come from tropical country the weather within this period is too cold for me >_<


“Pick A Card” Project

Well let me introduce you to “Pick A Card” Project, the idea is to create continuous project by turning the travelling pictures into postcards or book marker, and the benefit earn will be donate for the children education.

This is not a highway project as the people involved are still learning and working at the same time but at least we make our first step for a good reason. We will start with projects that easily to implemented in real life which are, providing drawing sets for children, that is the closest projects to focus on at this time.

We are still a baby and we will need more hearts and hands to help and guide us grow beautifully 🙂

PS. Last update, we still collecting pictures and looking for qualified printing. Some enthusiastic friends even hand me some used children books, toys and donating pictures as this is still in preparation.