This aint happen!

This aint happen!

after the flower loosen up and I walk for a while, another part of the shoe sandal has put off, the pad… sh*t cant believe this happen and its not that I’m not try to walk on it, it just make me like a limp person and make people watch me more, so couple of seconds thinking, I let go both of my shoes and continue walk barefooting in the city sidewalk ‘I’m totally grateful that Bangkok has managed it sidewalk nicely so I can still walk barefoot cozily’ ahahaha…. still cant believe its happen but yes, I’m walking along like that trying to find some Seven Eleven that i found everywhere before it happen but none that I’ve seen nearby, so I walk to the nearest bus stop and waiting to grab a cab. Since its near the celebration of the King’s birthday the street are kinda crowd and there was some cops guarding the intersection, I try to walk casually as they looking at me like weirdly ‘hey cant you see I’m holding my broken sandals sir?’ ;p

And when I get my cab, he was looking at my feet and ask about (of course once again using Thai language while he pointed at my sandal & black feet), I told him to go back to the hostel but in a way there is no short cut so I told him to go Seven Eleven and surprisingly when I have to pay about 47 baht he told me 40 baht, 40 baht miss 40 baht only and smilling at me ~ cant you believe that among the trouble, it bring me kindness of a stranger in return 🙂 Its not about the amount of the baht but the fact that he care about what happen, that is kind enough to show me that he does care.


I found this application and I make all my picture are dazzling with various bokeh now. I could make the color base black & white with darker tone or lighter one, blurring the pimple, or make it vintage and added with the blink-blink of the bokeh – yay that sure make my frame look glamour ;p 


the black & white version

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