Nami Island ~ the tree of love

Nami Island ~ the tree of love

Nami Island has become a famous for tourist due to its commercial arrangement related with the famous Korean drama ‘Winter Sonata’ . Bunch of couple join the cruise to cross to Nami island and this tree is to tied down your love wish when you come with your couple 🙂

Namiseom – Nami Island


Nami’s bird, Dec2011

It took us by boat to cross to the Nami Island and since the place it getting famous for the Korama – Winter Sonata, it feels like riding a love boat. A lot of young couple go there to feel to create their own love story which they expect as strong as the love appear in the drama. The television in the center of the boat rolling the drama in it romantic parts of the couple in the scene and in the second floor there are tree branches to tied up your love wish, they provide the small white paper for you to write it and people seems get so excited, when the paper is not enough to write down their wishes, they do write in the wall of the boat (_ _; ) .

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