so much Budha statues inside the museum but seems this is one of my favorite 🙂


National Museum Bangkok ~ the King Chulalongkorn

National Museum Bangkok ~ the King Chulalongkorn

He was also known as Phra Chulachom Klao Chaoyuhua or Rama V.  One of the great King that been success to reform the slavery,  expansion of communication system  through the railway, telegraph, phone and mail.


Finger Print Painting Museum

A part of teh finger print paiinting of a balinesse dancer - Bali

A part of the finger print painting of a balinesse dancer - Bali

During the holiday, I stayed at Anna’s place, an old high school friend who lives around Renon. The next day after I get enough rest, I walk along Hayam Wuruk street trying to enjoy the summer sun but when it got too hot I hide myself into Togamas bookstore and grab ‘A witch from Portobello, one of Paul Coelho’s book – haish I just cant get away from book huh. I also contact another long time no see blogger friend, Bowo which kindly enough to accompany me to Sanur that afternoon. While waiting for Bowo, I was tempting to visit the Finger Print Painting Museum beside the Togamas bookstore. There is no ticket fee to enter the museum so people could enter the museum freely but they provide a donation box for all the people who wants to donate to support the museum.


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Bajra Sandhi Monument

the top of Bajra Sandhi monument with the Japanesse adenium - Bali, Summer of 2009

the top of Bajra Sandhi monument with the Japanesse adenium - Bali, Summer of 2009

It took less than 10 minutes by motorbike from Ubung bus station to Bajra by motorbike that morning. The sky is so bright bright but full of clouds so hardly to see the clear blue sky at that time. I look around for the 10K runners but I was come too late, the 10K competition has already started since early in the morning at the same time when I arrive at Gilimanuk port. Call some of friends who told me they join the running session but it seems they leave the cellphone at home or has brought to the ER after the run secara denger ceritanya ada yang ikutan lomba sambil kebelet pipis, ada yang sengaja ninggalin hape biar ga nambah beban larilah, etece… etece….


So still with my backpack on my back I try to avoid the heat on the Bajra field by walking under the pinky flowers trees towards the museum gate.


Banyak photo, buat fakir benwith beware ya (n_n)