My road

My road

Some people walk the straight and narrow | some walk the rocky road | Some get the silver spoon and some get the heavy load ~ Bryan Adams

Day by day is full of challenges and today I get a bumpy road full of rocks and a beautiful fallen leaf. Our life could bumpy and beautiful at the same time, you can lay back for a while but don’t stop walking


Love… love… love…

my '6 forks stuck in head' merlion

Out of the blue someone was stopping by and talking about love, advicing me (you are a girl, see the family, remember your age…haish). I know time passed by so fast, but is it valentine already? errr…. but in some words he say something nice. ‘If it is for a date, choose someone who loved you more. But if it is for live, find someone that you loved, because it wouldn’t be easy to spend the rest of your life with someone that you don’t love’. That’s deep….

Well, if it talking about love, love is the feeling that transformed into so many ways, perform in so amazingly countless way too rite?! and the mumbling continues….

I love you!


‘please understand the silent sometimes indicated shyness for some people, except if their eyes were popped out, the face start to grin and do some lip smacking’ yup you can observed that in monkeys, that mean they accept your love (read: dominancy)

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