Yogyakarta ~ Beringhardjo’s food stall

Yogyakarta ~ Beringhardjo's food stall

If you vegetarian you’ll love this so much since there much of vegetable there, but you can also find some chicken and the viscera, yeah we do eat them too 🙂


Yogyakarta ~ the Old lady on Beringhardjo corner

Yogyakarta ~ the Old lady on Beringhardjo corner

The fat satay seller on the corner of Beringhardjo market. She will warmed the sweet seasoned satay using the carcoal based on order and definitely the best way to eat this one is while its HOT.

Honestly, with 1500 rupiahs per stick you can taste a lil bit heaven in your tongue and months of exercise for your cholestrol ;p

A Taste of Gudeg


Gudeg seller @Malioboro street at night, Yogyakarta ~ Oct 12

As the nights comes down and the other side of the night has risen, the souvenirs seller replace by the food vendor and one of it is a gudeg seller that I found nearby the 24 hours shop at Malioboro. The lady was helped by her daughter, selling gudeg one of the traditional food from Yogyakarta.

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Making Batik ~ Membatik

Membatik @Mirota Batik, Malioboro, Yogyakarta ~ Oct 12



Batik is one of Indonesia heritage that has been admitted by international world and this is how is the batik made. The pattern are transfers into the textile material and then using ‘malam’ and canting ‘the batik pen’ the lady is following the pattern patiently.

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The 2nd day in Jogja

I wake up early at the morning, listening to Puput a 3 years old girl, Mas Agung and Mbak Iin’s daughter prepared in her uniform to go to the kindergarten school in front of the house. She looks so cute in her new uniform. And there is Dita, an 8 months old baby girl, Mas Didik and Mbak Ita’s daughter who really attached with her grandfather. Aaaah they were so cute, sayang yang mau nempel cuma Puput, saya belum berhasil menggendong Dita *doakan saya supaya berhasil ya – Takeshi Castle mode on*


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