Topeng Monyet – When the monkey have to work


That Sunday morning I walk to Sempur soccer field to meet my friends. Its not like we were planning to play soccer but every Sunday morning the field has turn it function into a bazaar. The field will crowded by food vendor with their tents, clothes, children toys, souvenirs, etc. And many times I found some animal seller, fishes tied up in a plastic bag, colored chick, hamster or rabbit, even hermit crabs. In one corner of the field I see people were gathering making a circle and as I approached  I recognize the  rhythm as background for ‘Topeng Monyet’ show. That is not a new thing for me as I have been watching it a few times during my childhood. It looks so amazing in young age, but when you getting older and you start seeing things differently, its not amazed me anymore. Some may called it a traditional culture but some may call it animal abused.

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