I wish you are here

I wish you are here

Many times….


Missing you

Missing you

It is still raining when I walk outside today and somehow this rainy season has bring me into the edge of my heart. The scent of the humid air just reminds me of you. Too much.

I wonder is it okay to have this feeling? just a sad feeling without felling ungrateful at the same time? I just miss you and no other explanation needed. Simple as it is.

I miss you H



Di dalam sebuah cinta, terdapat bahasa,
yang mengalun indah, mengisi jiwa
Merindukan kisah, kita berdua,
yang tak pernah bisa, akan terlupa

Bila rindu ini, masih milikmu,
ku hadirkan sebuah, tanya untukmu
Harus berapa lama, aku menunggumu,
aku menunggumu

Menunggumu ~ Peter Pan

PS. Rainy days makes me miss you more than any other ordinary dear