On the east corner

On the east corner

I start biking so early in the morning and arrived back approaching lunch time, people told me it took only 1.5 – 2 hours to ride around the island but yeah since I stop alot to take pictures I just lost in times.

In five hours, I get bunch bunch bunch of pictures, tanned skin (even my leather bag get tanned too 😀 ) and make my dragon screaming (well I thought I only went for 2 hours and be back for breakfast), so when I recognized this corner near my resort, I just go yippy yayaya because I conquer the challenge



This is the part of the small road disconnected and this time you’ll be the one who need to carry the bike. Quite a sport and a game if you can run across without smacked by the wave.

If you succeed there is a lil old shop in the corner after that selling mineral and coconut water and I found that is very hilarious and I just feel saved ;p