Happy 5th birthday

Happy 5th birthday

Wow…. after the first year, second and the third year I kinda forget when is exactly I start blogging in WP as it is my second blog, and today I just get the congratulation from WP for the 5th years 🙂

Its still a short journey where at first I start writing in English just to challenge myself and improve my language skill, lets say trying to write more scientific as I’m still eager to get a scholarship for myself at that time and then between the hectic activity so many things happen, I start writing the things that I feel, daily mumble jumble and so on… and the content changing variously, from culinary spot, hobbies, friends, silly daily life, the things that I thinking about, places that I go and I ended up with photo blog, the thing that still the same is me who post them all ;p

This blog is growing along with me and we both hope that we could grow more at least be useful for somebody else. Appreciate for those travelers that have been spending times, looking at and read all the mumbles jumbles that I posted here. If you like it thats good but if you dont, well…errr… uhm… honestly thats your problem ;p ahahaha…..

‘Happy 5th birthday dear bloggie’ <)3


Life is just begin (at 30)

Today, after a long bumpy road at last I get a chance to celebrate my 30 birthday so lets rockin to celebrate it with me guys ^^

I'm ready - Bryan Adams mode on ^^

I'm ready - Bryan Adams mode on ^^



Its still a long journey up in front, more bumpy and rockin but I’m ready to fly. Thank you for all dear friend who share their story in my life, I couldn’t make it this far without you all ‘hugz’



PS. with condolences to all the bombing victim this morning @Jakarta


Happy Birthday

Hari ini tidak terasa, sudah setahun tepatnya saya memulai menulis di blog ini dengan sebuah postingan cupu yang diikuti oleh postingan-postingan cupu lainnya, komplit dengan bahasa yang sama cupunya dengan temanya yang cupu gyahahahaha….. ‘mabok gak sih bacanya?’

FYI this monkey is captured from google ^^

FYI this monkey is captured from google forest v(^_^)v



‘Omedeto tanjoubi desu ne dear’


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