People at Shanghai

People at Shanghai

I see this girl inside the subway on the way to the airport, eventhough I couldnt understand the language they spoken seems they are a good friend, they talk and laughing a lot. Compare the first subway where everyone else busy with their mobile phone, to hear the people get have the real conversation does make some difference right 🙂 Looking at them make me miss my friends at home :’)

Flocking up for Miss K

Flocking up for Miss K

My division has been increasing for the last couple of year, some come, some jump to the other opportunity and yesterday was another farewell party for one of the colleague in the office. After years being together definitely we will miss her….

Happy go lucky miss K, wish you a brighter future, success & happiness.May you find what you’ve been looking for, ganbate ne…

and there we are flocking up our feet after the lunch in the main hall inside the Cilandak Town Square, people are watching as we flocking up trying to put in our heels into the frame but hell yeah, this is a girls prerogative ‘hey guys please dont get offended will you?’ ;p