My road

My road

Some people walk the straight and narrow | some walk the rocky road | Some get the silver spoon and some get the heavy load ~ Bryan Adams

Day by day is full of challenges and today I get a bumpy road full of rocks and a beautiful fallen leaf. Our life could bumpy and beautiful at the same time, you can lay back for a while but don’t stop walking


the Trouble with the shoe

the Trouble with the shoe

Ah well, after several days roaming around the city corner using my sandals, my feet getting sober and too dry so that lovely afternoon I was deciding to use the other sloppy girly shoe sandal that I brought to attend the meeting. It is basically a comfy shoe sandal with tick soft pad, first the flower that attach infront of it has loosen up its grip so I pulled out the other to make it equal, but that afternoon something else has glued off….. you can see in the next picture whats goin on then ….

My beautiful wrinkle is back

Since I’m not able to go back to the acupressure clinic everyday to continue the 8th therapy, I have to do the therapy by myself, keep my food on the track (that’s mean oat, oat and more oat….) and do the check up next Saturday. The lady gave me the clue – spots map on my feet (just like that cluster map on that side tab) and that (little devil) wood stick – to stick on my swollen feet with.

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