Travelog: Semarang-Yogyakarta-Kutoarjo

From Semarang  I took a travel to take me to Yogyakarta, its a five hours drive through Boyolali, Magelang and Muntilan. I’m quite familiar with the road as I go through them often everytime I have my school holiday. Eventhough Yogyakarta always have special place in my heart, that day I didnt spend time to roaming around and went directly to Lempuyangan train station where I should spend another hour to get to Kutoarjo where my friend is waiting.

Kutoarjo with Uti
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People ~ Opung

People ~ Opung

She is one of the lovable stubborn person that I know and I’m so lucky to get to know her. She is my previous bosses sister, we are closed enough to keep in touch and many times also visiting her always feels like you coming home. She have that sucha warmhearted soul for the wanderer soul. 🙂

Opung is an ethnic language for the people from North Sumatera, especially for Batak people, it mean a grandpa or grandma.