Kalamazoo ~ the Guacamole story

Kalamazoo ~ the Guacamole story

We end up in a Mexico restaurant on the corner of the downtown and order this and that and added Guacamole as is described nicely on the menu, and we are kind of surprise that this guy come, introduce himself as our Guacamole guy and start prepared the Guacamole from next to our table. At first it kinda hillarious for us though and we cant stop laughing 🙂

USA: Welcome to Lincoln, Nebraska


Lincoln downtown

We arrived that late afternoon, as the car entering the Lincoln downtown I can see old buildings with their red bricks in neat blocks and I just fell in love with the warm welcome that I feel through the city. We are hurriedly put our luggage into the room and walk out again for a late lunch date. The sidewalk are wide, cozy and clean enough as we walk towards the cozy restaurant in front of the Lincoln station.

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