Smile dong pak

Smile dong pak

This man is the owner of Warung Kusamba, I’ve meet his wife last time I visit so this time is his turn to take a pic 🙂

Warung Kusamba is just a small hutch there in Sanur beach, if you enter through Segara gate you just need to turn left for a while, pass through a rock stair down , they are the 3rd or the 4th tent from the corner. The place might be shabby but this tent give you great food sea fish specialties with a price only for 10.000 rupiahs (1 USD).

One plate will covered rice, cutted fried veggies, sambal mata, 3 stick of sea fish satay, 1 pepes (steamed sea fish) and a small bowl of fish soup. For me its yummy indeed and there are moment I get back there in a row ‘nom nom nom’

PS. Their specialty is goes with the sea fish and there are some pork satay if you like 🙂


Dinner @ Yoshinoya

Dinner @ Yoshinoya

I was walking on the outside, roaming around the sidewalk full of snow and honestly that makes me craving for something to eat, so I stop by at Yoshinoya near by the hotel and give myself a nice set of dinner ~ rice, buta, and bowl of miso soup 🙂

Its time for tutut

Its time for tutut

Tutut is a small snail that you can find in the paddy field. First you need to wash the tutut to rinse all the sand attached and boil it with smached curcuma, lemon grass and some other ingridients, dont forget to add some chili too, mostly it cooked with spicy level high though.

It served best when its hot as an appetizer or just a snack.

People ~ have you have your breakfast young girl?

People ~ have you have your breakfast young girl?

if you havent, you should visit him in Padjajaran street, close enough by the Baranangsiang campus. He’ll provide you a bowl of hot rice porridge seasoned, slices of chicken, onion, celery, chip, a spoon of sambal and chicken viscera satay. Tasty & healthy breakfast before you start your day 🙂