Another year has gone by

Well, somehow in certain kind of situation there will be a song that fits you perfectly well. The song became a soundtrack for your life chapters. And you know, I do have several songs to accompany me when I was working, studying, playing, reading, thinking, writing, travel nor doing something else.


When I’m happy, I will turn on the hard beat kinda song and jumping around following the rhytm such as Summer of 69, I want to change the world, umbrella, etc etc…


I got myself a song when I was feeling down, cry, sad…. well at first maybe the song seems didn’t help much because when you sad all you want to do is crying but at the end you’ll be feeling much better. Music did accelerate the tears and cease the emotion gyahahahaha….. ‘teori ngawur’


Sometimes a song could drag you to some old memory and suddenly make you smile because of it.


At this moment, this one is perfectly fits me.

A song from one of my favourite singer



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